The Blockchain Trilemma are core concepts in Blockchain technology which includes:



In Blockchain, cyber security frameworks are used as a compressive risk management system to manage and prevent cyber attacks.

Due to the Transparent nature of blockchains and the benefits attached to carrying out a successful attack, they have become a prime target for hackers.

A successful attack is achieved by gaining 51% of the nodes network population.


Decentralization is a core concept achieved in Blockchain, as it eliminates the idea of a central entity/authority. Decentralization guarantees transparency and gives power to individuals to rule using their computer i.e. nodes.

One limiting factor of decentralization is Scalability


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In Blockchain is the ability/capability of the network to handle an increasingly growing amount of nodes without lagging or causing slow transaction speed.

One way scalability have been proven to be attained is by creating a fixed degree of decentralization i.e. having a maximum number of persons in a decentralized network.

This has proven to be a good way to manage scalability limitation in Blockchain.

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